Professionally Installed Window Shutters vs. DIY Shutters


In light of the pandemic, and an ongoing cost of living crisis, it’s no wonder more and more homeowners are turning to DIY projects for their home in a hope to save money. However, intricate DIY projects such as fitting window shutters,  can sometimes cost you more money, time and effort in the long run.

 When it comes to finding a window dressing solution for your home, getting professional craftsmen in for the job is always a good idea. Our team can advise you on the perfect shutter option that ticks all of the boxes when it comes to light and privacy control, and efficiently install them in your home with no damage or disturbance to your property.

 If you’re still on the fence when it comes to a professional window shutter installation vs a DIY job, we’ve rounded up all of the reasons why a professional service might just be the better investment when it comes to a window shutter restoration that can handle wear and tear of all kinds. However we’ll leave it to you to decide if you’re up for a challenge. 

The benefits of DIY Shutters 

🠮 Affordability 

It goes without saying that the price is persuasive plus of opting for DIY Shutters for your home. If you do your research right, there’s no doubt you can choose a shutter option that’s right for you and you can save nearly half price without an installation package! 

🠮 Follow the guide

Fitting your own shutters is not exactly rocket science. however, it can be a fiddly job and requires patience and determination to ensure a perfect finish. Our shutters come with a step by step guide, and a full breakdown of the simple equipment required to ensure you can get the job done without hassle. However, our team is always on call if you find yourself a little lost in the process. 

🠮 Feel accomplished

There’s nothing like a good DIY job to make you feel super accomplished, and proud when showing off the details of your home to guests. Our premium shutters are built to last, and will have your home looking extra polished. 

The benefits of professionally installed window shutters 

🠮 Professional advice and measurement service

Our catalog is brimming with inspired window shutter styles, from tier-on-tier shutters to European-style cafe shutters. Choosing the right option can be difficult without guidance, which is why our team can help guide your decision to ensure you find the best style for your home. We’ll also deal with all the measurements to ensure your shutters are the perfect fit. 

🠮 Save money in the long-run

A DIY project might provide some instant gratification, however, could dent your wallet in the long run. We’re not saying you’re not skilled enough for the job, but if saving money is the goal of a DIY shutter project, then we feel it’s an important point to make. A professional service carried out by highly-qualified craftsmen will ensure your window shutter installation is executed with precision and the utmost care, and won’t have you investing in a new set of shutters for a long time, if ever again!

🠮 Avoid damage 

DIY projects that aren’t perfectly done, can cause damage to your home. If you’re replacing a set of shutters for a brand new set, this is another step to the process that could risk damage to surfaces and window frames. Damage to your home is the last thing you’ll want when obtaining a window shutter solution that meets all your needs.

🠮 Time is money 

At Sienna Shutters, we understand that your time is valuable. Home improvement projects can take a long time to get right, which is why our team of professionals fit and install your shutters to work around your schedule. Don’t waste time which you could spend completing another valuable home revamp task – leave it to our enthusiastic team of qualified team to get it right the first time around. 


Whatever option you decide to go with, time and money are always crucial points to consider when opting to fit your new window shutters. A DIY shutter job is sure to save you money, however, there’s no doubt that a professional window shutter installation service carried out by our team, will prevent damage, and save time, and even money in the long term.