Why Choose Tier On Tier Shutters?


A favourable choice for homeowners looking to control light in their home, tier on tier shutters enamour style, functionality and practicality in their multi-tiered system. 

As shutter specialists, we highly-recommend tier on tier shutters for the fact that they amalgamate a range of key benefits that makes other styles popular, such as bespoke café style shutters or optimum-control full height shutters. 

This is down to the fact that a split tier system allows workable control across each panel, where you can cover or partially cover different sections of your window at any given time. 

The flexibility of this system makes them an ideal and savvy investment, when it comes to retaining privacy, light and even heat. That’s why we want to shed some extra light on the key benefits of investing tier on tier shutters. 

Ultimate Privacy

A key benefit of tier on tier shutters is their capacity for optimum closure. Each panel can be adjusted independently to completely seal your room from light, and even peering neighbours! This is particularly useful in the summer months when light pours into your room, affecting your sleep. It’s also a great option for windows that are in street view at the front of your home. 

Open and Airy

On the flip side, you’re able to open every panel of your tier on tier shutters, ensuring maximum light entry and the added benefit of seeing out into the beauty of your garden. Let the sunshine in with shutters that are flexible and fully openable. 

Balance both

Unlike other styles, tier on tier shutters allow you to balance both privacy and openness. You can open the top tiers to illuminate your room with light, yet keep the bottom part closed to ensure you can go about your day feeling safe and secure. 

Stylish Finish

As premium-quality shutters go, our range of tier on tier shutters are up there as some of the best on the market. We produce tier on tier shutters that have a beautiful finish, and add some grandeur to any contemporary interior concept. Tier on Tier shutters require a technical installation process, carried out by professionals to ensure they are resistant against wear and tear in your home for years to come. Available in a range of colours and materials, there’s no more stylish option than tier on tier shutters to provide privacy, light control and functionality in every detail.