Do Shutters Help Reduce Heat Loss?


Whether you’re an eco-warrior or a staunch pennysaver, when it comes to the harsh winter period or chill of spring, reducing heat loss in a way that doesn’t send the bill (and your heart race) soaring is always a top priority. This is made easy, and cost effective with the investment in some custom-fit, well-crafted window shutters to ensure heat loss is significantly reduced, and energy is conserved to keep your home extra-cosy. Combined with secondary glazing, solid wood window shutters have the potential to reduce heat loss by over 62% when closed, and alone can help keep the heat in your home by an impressive 50%. 

Save-smart homeowners across the UK are making the savvy decision to invest in some custom, energy-efficient window shutters to keep their homes cosy and shut out that bitter winter draught. But shutters aren’t just a trusty winter warmer, a pair of Solid Wood Shutters are a good idea for energy saving and heat control all year round. So whether you live in a classic period home, or a modern and airy new-build, shutters are a key investment for any homeowner looking to lower the heating bill and to keep your home, your cosy sanctuary. 

Do shutters prevent heat loss better than curtains?

Professional Plantation Shutters are the most robust, thermally dynamic method for retaining heat in every room, big or small, in your home. Compared to blinds or curtains, Solid Wood Plantation Shutters are measured perfectly to fit the unique size of your windows, ensuring no breeze can slip through those unnoticed gaps that go unnoticed between the window frame and wall. 

Although curtains can be thick in material, Solid Wood Shutters are advanced at sealing up all the gaps or better yet, reflect the cold outside air before it even manages to creep into the interior in the first place. Another plus is that strong, durable shutters don’t have to dominate the room in garish patterns! Sienna Shutters’ artfully crafted, bespoke Windows are definitely the more aesthetically-modern and innovatively-designed option to help prevent heat loss from your home. 

Why choose Sienna Shutters for heat loss prevention?

A house is not a home without that warm, cosy feeling that makes it uniquely yours. Sienna Shutters’ team of professional craftsmen ensure all of our 100% Solid Wood Shutters are built with this fact at the forefront of the design process, with all of our hardwood shutters undergoing a 38 point quality control inspection throughout the cycle of production. We’re also committed to keep window shutters a cost-effective way of home heat loss prevention, and will not be beaten on price or quality when compared with competitors across the UK. You won’t find a better way of keeping the heat in your home than Sienna Shutters. 

What types of shutters do Sienna Shutters offer?

As well as an efficient home-heater that’s low cost and aesthetically pleasing, our shutters provide privacy and effectively prevent the annoying glare of external sunlight. However, if the idea of investing in some shutters is a relatively new idea for you as a smart homeowner, then it’s important you know which shutters will suit your home best. Sienna Shutters offers a range of bespoke plantation shutters that are 100% suited to the needs of you and your home. 

Our Full Height Plantation Shutters are made for life, which is why we don’t use MDF. These make any room in your house look eloquent, and allow you to control the lighting setup with full blockage of outdoor light. 

Sometimes full coverage of the window recess may not be necessary. However you’ll still want to maintain maximum privacy and opt for our Cafe style shutters. Add a chic touch of Europe to your room with this eloquent shutter style that can be fitted to the height of your choice. 

A bit like full height shutters, our tier on tier shutters cover the whole window. However these allow you to interchange how you open the top and bottom. These are the ultimate shutter style for privacy-control and thermal flexibility by splitting the panel in two. 

There’s no better way to enhance the unique contours of your home, hence the name Special Shape Shutters. It allows you to keep the heat in, control your privacy and keep the majestic character of your home in-tact. This is where the refined talent and true craftsmanship of the Sienna Shutters team shines brightest, unlike the windows that will be in your home once they get to work!

Last but not least, our Tracked Shutters are the perfect answer to ultimate light, heat and privacy control from the largest windows and openings in your home or office. 

If you want to find out more about our shutter choices at Sienna Shutters, don’t hesitate to contact us using the details on our contact page.