Louvre Shutters

Sienna Shutters design, produce and install a range of high quality Louvre Shutters. Get in touch to arrange a free home consultation. Our custom, tradition Louvre Shutters are the perfect answer to letting light into your room whilst maintaining full-privacy. Take a  peep at the outside world without fully opening the hinged shutter panel. Louvered Shutters give your windows a distinct and decorative exterior, and are an extremely popular style for enhancing your privacy and allowing you to retain an ultra-modern aesthetic. 

Bespoke Louvre Shutters

Our bespoke Louvre Shutters are the answer to protecting the wide range of windows in your home. Control light and maintain privacy with the flexibility and durability ensured by premium Louvre Shutters. Made from top-of-the-market materials and hand-crafted by our team of experts, there’s no better option to enhance the sophistication of your home interior. At Sienna Shutters, we like to help you make the right choice that benefits the feel and functionality of your home. With Sienna Shutters’ bespoke Louvre shutters, you won’t have to compromise on heat retainment or style enhancement as our classic Louvre shutters guarantee both. 

Why Choose Our Louvre Shutters?

We have years of experience, providing a trusted Louvre Shutter installation service to homeowners all over the UK. We’re proud of our top range of artfully-crafted, bespoke-quality Louvre Shutters. Our measurement service is complimentary, and our Louvre Shutters are set at an affordable price so you can have the luxury of controlling light, heat and privacy. The level of quality we provide, from service provided to crafted materials used to produce our Decorative Louvre Shutters, is of the highest importance to us. That’s why we offer the longest warranty on your brand new, beautifully crafted Full Height Shutters. We’re at hand to help make your house, a home that’s unequivocally you in every detail. 

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